In Homecoming, Alabamians from near and far gather to share stories, songs, and rituals about leaving and returning home. Inspired by Alabama Day—an annual roaming reunion founded in Sumter County that brings together the Alabama diaspora—Homecoming collects and shares personal, family, and collective stories about migrations, large and small. For Black Alabamians, economic migration has shaped their lives from the forced migration of slavery to the Great Migration of the Jim Crow Era. Today, contemporary economic movements continue to shape how they create, define, and remember home. Homecoming shares these histories inside a uniquely Alabama tradition. Join us for this reunion, a ritual that reverses tides of separation.

Facilitator / Producers

  • Gary James

    Empathetic, resourceful, relational, analytical, inquisitive

  • Glenda James

    team player, volunteer, people person

  • Shana Berger

    artist, writer, works with people

Community Artists

  • Catherine Shelton

    creative, fun, organic gardener, artist

  • Darius Hill

    Mixed media artist; lifelong learner