more like a hot pot less like a salad

more like a hot pot, less like a salad is a collage of choreographed movement from the edges of the Ozarks. Rapid growth, transition, and commodification often keep the richness of the arts individualized to our particular practices and communities. We may share the road, but not always the stage. To speak our stories in our own languages and through our own bodies, to listen and to share our deepest joys and passions, to be in concert with one another—this builds a resilient community. Featuring artists you know and love from right here in Northwest Arkansas, expect a range of dance styles – from traditional to social, individual to collective – with a twist. Join us in modeling the kind of generosity, recognition and space we wish to practice in both our artistic and non-artistic lives in an evening of celebratory dance with the people of our place.


Community Artists